Michael Mann And Chris Hemsworth Aim To Thrill With Cyber Threats

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Michael Mann And Chris Hemsworth Aim To Thrill With Cyber Threats

Michael Mann will soon be directing his first feature since 2009's Public Enemies, and he's bringing Thor (AKA Chris Hemsworth) with him, according to Variety.

Described as a thriller set in "a world of cyber threats and attacks," the project has been in development for more than a year, with Mann co-writing the script with Morgan Davis Foehl. Production is slated to begin in June. That fits into Hemsworth's schedule, which suddenly opened up when Steven Spielberg decided to delay production on Robopocalypse for at least six to eight months.

Mann has kept busy developing and producing various projects, including HBO's Luck with David Milch; Mann directed the pilot episode for the series, whose run was cut short. He's always made films with a stylish, personal touch, whether that's expressed on the visual side of the equation or in the way he tells the story dramatically. Now 70 years of age, Mann definitely has a storehouse of experience and a distinctive resume that indicates this upcoming thriller will be more than a simple-minded cyber-thriller.

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harumphFebruary 15, 2013 11:40 PM

Given Mann's casting history, Hemsworth seems like a really odd choice to me.