Elijah Wood Needs A Girlfriend, MANIAC UK Trailer Strongly Suggests

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Elijah Wood Needs A Girlfriend, MANIAC UK Trailer Strongly Suggests

Oh, Frodo. Couldn't you have found a nice hobbit in the Shire, settled down, and kept your hands off sharp, sharp knives and beautiful human women?

Franck Khalfoun's Maniac opens in the UK on March 15, and to celebrate the release, Metrodome has unleashed a new trailer. Brian Clark, ScreenAnarchy's European Editor, saw it last year at the L'Etrange festival and wrote, in part:

This updated, Los Angeles-set story of a disturbed man cutting off the scalps of women and taking them back to his mannequin collection at home is sadistic, unapologetic, gory and extremely well-directed. It's inventive on its own terms without betraying the original, and while some may still question the need for its existence, the film is honestly much more effective than I imagined possible when I first heard about the project. In fact, maybe it's too effective -- but more on that later.

(You can read Brian's review in its entirety right here..)

The trailer tells you everything else you need to know. Ladies, may I suggest staying away from men whose dark, evil eyes resemble Mr. Wood's in this film.

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