Eli Roth Shares First Image From GREEN INFERNO!

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Eli Roth Shares First Image From GREEN INFERNO!
Eli Roth has dropped a major clue as to how the story ends for the group of New York City students/activists who crash land in the jungle of Peru, only to be taken captive by the very tribe they set out to protect. From the image he has shared with his fans through his Tumblr account, I am going to guess it leans towards 'not well.'

In this image, we see Kirby Bliss Banton as Amy and she clearly is not enjoying her time with the natives. A little bit of blood. A little bit of fear in the eyes. And no one likes hair in their food,  so it is a good thing the natives are cutting hers off. Nice knowing you, Amy. 
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  • mister blank

    if i remember cannibal holocaust made me fall asleep . im sure it seemed important way back in the day . cant wait to work with eli , and try to undelusionalize him/them

  • jsin

    i own cannibal holocaust ..is it really a remake of the that classic ..also did this movie already come out ??

  • Jurina Matsui

    Homage or Plagiarism? @MrSelfDestruct...SWAG

  • Stoopid Sexy Flanders


  • Your Daddy

    Plagiarism? Did you read the script? Did you see the movie? Nope. Idiot.


    Of course Eli wanted to make a newer film about torture, blood n guts, cannabalism topped off with juicy rape. @Jurina...DERP

  • Jurina Matsui

    Any similarity with Cannibal Holocaust is purely on purpose.

  • Cannibal Holocaust is Eli Roth's favorite movie. So...

  • Jurina Matsui

    So that give him the right to copy it?

  • Your Daddy

    Yes, I'm sure he copied that fucking movie shot for shot. He didn't get inspired by it or anything, because as we all know, general premise ideas cannot be applied to multiple movies. That's why there's only one war movie, one cop drama movie, one martial arts tournament movie, one ghost story movie, one aliens movie, one giant monster movie, one superhero movie, etc. So there damn well better be only one cannibal movie in existence. The world is just better that way.

  • Jurina Matsui

    The world of cinema would be far better with fewer remakes, sequels, reboots, prequels, and the like.

  • Ronald Swanson

    Fuck up.

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