Spanish Films THE ORPHANAGE, JULIA'S EYES and More Slated for Remakes

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Spanish Films THE ORPHANAGE, JULIA'S EYES and More Slated for Remakes
Spanish fantastic film has been having an incredible renaissance over the past 15 years. From Álex de la Iglesia to Alejandro Amenábar to Nacho Vigalondo, all range of horror, science fiction and fantasy has been pouring out of the country, to be embraced by cinephiles and cult film enthusiasts. And Spanish production company Rodar y Rodar is taking advantage of this new wave, not only by producing new films, but remaking some for those filmgoers who don't like to read subtitles.

According to Screen Daily, English-language remakes are in the works for Juan Antonio Bayona's The Orphanage (a film that already did well in the US market for a non-English film), Guillem Morales' Julia's Eyes and The Uninvited Guest (the latter of which, according to rumor, will be directed by Morales himself), and Oriol Paulo's The Body, currently on very successful release in its native country.

I can't think of another country that not only produces such a large number of films in its own language, but in English as well. As mentioned on ScreenAnarchy in the past, both Vigalondo and Eugenio Mira have films in English currently in post-production; Bayona's The Impossible has broken every box office record in Spain; and Paulo will be making his first English-language film, A Hollow Man, in the upcoming year.

Companies such as Rodar y Rodar, Filmax and Apaches Entertainment have realized that future projects must embrace both the national and international markets. For better or worse, films in English fare better. While I hope that the Spanish film industry never abandons its language, I can understand the desire to make films that will reach a wider audience
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