Jonathan King Unveils Low Budget SciFi REALITI

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Jonathan King Unveils Low Budget SciFi REALITI
It should come as no surprise that we are big fans of Black Sheep and Under The Mountain director Jonathan King around here at ScreenAnarchy. We've not only covered the New Zealand director's film work but some of his comics as well and we've been waiting to see what would come next for the director in the four year span since the release of his kid friendly fantasy Under The Mountain.

Well, after teasing it on Twitter over the past few weeks King has finally shared something definitive on his personal blog, where he released the first two images from the micro budget scifi film Realiti. Though he is still playing quite coy with plot details, King shares the thought process behind his deliberate choice to move from a $10 million budgeted film to something he describes as more inline price-wise with Pi while also revealing that the new project has been scripted with Chad Taylor and stars Nathan Meister and Miranda Manasiadis (pictured above) and Michelle Langstone (pictured below).

Keep an eye here for more details as we get them.


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