Fellini's CITY OF WOMEN Comes to Blu-ray! Watch the Deranged Original Trailer

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Fellini's CITY OF WOMEN Comes to Blu-ray! Watch the Deranged Original Trailer
Eureka Entertainment's Masters of Cinema brings Federico Fellini's "victory of cinema" City of Women to Blu-ray for the very first time, when it releases the film in the UK on 25 February. After scoring a series of international successes with revered masterpieces such as La Dolce Vita, Amarcord and 8 1/2, Fellini teamed-up once again with favourite leading man and onscreen surrogate, Marcelo Mastroianni for this singular cinematic spectacle.

Federico Fellini's epic 1980 fantasia introduced the start of the Maestro's delirious late period. A surrealist tour-de-force filmed on soundstages and locations alike, and overflowing with the same sensory (and sensual) invention heretofore found only in the classic movie-musicals (and Fellini's own oeuvre), La città delle donne [City of Women] taps into the era's restless youth-culture, coalescing into nothing less than Fellini's post-punk opus.
Marcello Mastroianni appears as Fellini's alter ego in a semi-reprise of his character from 8-1/2, Snàporaz. As though passing into a dream, the charismatic avatar finds himself initiated into a phantasmagoric world where women -- or an idea of women -- have taken power, and which is structured like an array of psychosexual set-pieces -- culminating in a bravura hot-air balloon that decisively sticks the "anti" up into "climax".
A great adventure "through the looking-glass," as it were, of Fellini's own phallic lens and life-long libidinal ruminations, La città delle donne sharply divided critics at the 1980 Festival de Cannes, some of whom had merely anticipated a nostalgic retread of the earlier Mastroianni works. What they were greeted with, and what remains today, is, in the words of Serge Daney, "a victory of cinema". 

To give you a little glimpse of what is in store, Masters of Cinema has shared the film's original theatrical trailer, which reveals the energy and eccentricities that manifested both in front of and behind the camera, in order to produce Fellini's City of Women.
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Dustin ChangJanuary 15, 2013 7:05 PM

Fellini can do no wrong. But for his color film, City of Women is,
visually & stylistically speaking, right up there with Amarcord and
Casanova. This is a great news for Fellini lovers!