Exclusive: In This CRAWLSPACE Clip, No One Else Can See Your Nightmare

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Exclusive: In This CRAWLSPACE Clip, No One Else Can See Your Nightmare

Australian horror thriller Crawlspace will be available for U.S. audiences to view via various Video On Demand platforms starting today, January 4. And to whet your appetite, we've got an exclusive look at a new clip from the film.

Crawlspace follows a group of elite soldiers assigned to rescue a team of scientists from an underground compound after it comes under attack from unknown forces. It turns out that the scientists were engaged in experiments that have left disturbed patients wandering around the corridors and bloody nightmares awaiting every turn of a corner. Here's the official synopsis:

Deep in the heart of the unforgiving Australian desert lies Pine Gap, a top-secret government facility operated by the United States military. When the base comes under attack from unknown forces, an elite team is sent in to extract the military scientists. They encounter a beautiful young woman with no memory of how she came to be in the base, and find it overrun by disturbed patients from the base's medical sector.

But as the squad delves deeper it becomes clear that there is something far more sinister - and far more dangerous - going on at Pine Gap. A taut thriller that recalls the best classic sci-fi action films, Crawlspace is the feature debut of Justin Dix - an award winning special effects supervisor who has worked with George Lucas and Roger Donaldson. Crawlspace is now available on iTunes, Cable VOD (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision), Xbox and more!

(Here's a direct link to iTunes.)

The NSFW clip, which you can watch below, shows what happens when a soldier turns a particular corner and encounters something he'll have trouble describing just moments later.

The film stars Ditch Davey, Amber Clayton, Peta Sargeant, Nicholas Bell, John Brumpton and Leslie Simpson. Justin Dix directed, from a script he wrote with Eddie Baroo and Adam Patrick Foster.

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Air WalkerJanuary 4, 2013 11:09 AM

i thought Resident Evil was a Hollywood movie that came out like 10 years ago, huh.....

Ard VijnJanuary 4, 2013 12:39 PM

Is this clip area-protected? I cannot get it to run...

Todd BrownJanuary 4, 2013 1:16 PM

Should work now.