Check The First Teaser For Spencer Estabrooks' THE HUNT

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Check The First Teaser For Spencer Estabrooks' THE HUNT
It was all the way back in 2009 that ScreenAnarchy first came across Canadian director Spencer Estabrooks. He was pushing horror western short Dead Walkers at the time and that tale of the zombified west was so much fun that we've kept an eye on him ever since. And now he's back with a new short titled The Hunt.

The short film stars CHRIS POTTER and ROHAN CAMPBELL and features creature design by BLEEDING ART INDUSTRIES. "We set out to make a film that used zero digital effects" says director SPENCER ESTABROOKS "We are fans of old school horror and we don't want our monster looking like something out of a video game". "Bleeding Art Industries, based in Calgary Alberta, excelled at this task and the creatures look phenomenal. We look forward to taking this short film out on the road."

The short film was made possible through support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and ACTRA Alberta. "This project is a showcase for the Alberta Motion Picture Industry, we can make films that people want to see and we just need the opportunity."

The film will screen at international film festivals in 2013.  Producer GREG JEFFS has feature designs for the project. "The feature is a direct continuation of the short film; it was created as a proof of concept and the feature script is really strong."
More information is available at the official website

The first brief teaser for the film lurks below.

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