Beware The Perils Of The Short Pants

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Beware The Perils Of The Short Pants
He's happy. He's friendly. He's a monster. And he's only wearing Half-A-Pantaloon, though very proudly so. The hero of this new short film by Together - a creative duo comprised of Hector Herrerra and Pazit Cahlon - will, however, learn the perils of such behavior.

Half-a-Pantaloon is a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement that presents the perils of wearing shorts when trousers are de rigueur. Born out of the unremitting pant-snobbery of its creators, Half-a-Pantaloon warns that even the most talented and charming monsters may suffer the consequences of certain sartorial blunders.

Half-a-Pantaloon is the second installment of the Beastly Bards project, Togetherâ•˙s collection of animated silly rhymes. The writing is inspired by the style of poets like Edward Lear and Ogden Nash, and the animation applies a textural mixed-media approach to a mid-century modern esthetic.

Half-a-Pantaloon features the inimitable voice of Canadian legend Jayne Eastwood (Chicago, Hairspray) and a score by Juno Award-winning composer and banjoist Jayme Stone.

The first Beastly Bards installment, Typesetter Blues, premiered at TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International) 2012 and won an Adobe Design Achievement Award (Innovation in Motion and Video Education).

TOGETHER: Words+Pictures for Art & Culture develops and produces animated content for the arts, cultural, and non-profit communities. Drawing on nearly 20 years of combined experience of creative director Hector Herrera and writer Pazit Cahlon, Together provides original and commissioned content for films, stage visuals, art openings, and book trailers.

Check the short below!

Half A Pantaloon from TOGETHER on Vimeo.

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mightyjoeyoungJanuary 12, 2013 5:17 PM

"He's happy. He's friendly. He's a monster. And he's only wearing Half-A-Pantaloon, though very proudly so."

Very nice animation short Mr Brown, reminds me of the TV series Professor Balthazar, thanks.