Small Village. Big Hair. Mamat Khalid Will ROCK OO!

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Small Village. Big Hair. Mamat Khalid Will ROCK OO!
Hair metal is funny. You know it. I know it. Even the people who love it secretly know it. And Malaysian director Mamat Khalid certainly knows it. He also knows that the big hair and impossibly high falsettos are even funnier when put on the residents of a tiny, rural Malaysian village.

Yes, this is he entire premise of Khalid's upcoming musical comedy Rock Oo! Which may seem a bit thin but for the fact that he's right. It is funny. Very funny. Can the feature sustain the energy of the trailer? I have no idea - though with Khalid at the helm it just might - but I could watch this trailer all day. Check it below.
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  • toshimon

    I've got to say,Mamat Khalid's directing style grows on you over time!

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