New Trailers For Bejoy Nambiar's DAVID Hint At Different Films For Different Audiences

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New Trailers For Bejoy Nambiar's DAVID Hint At Different Films For Different Audiences
Bejoy Nambiar burst onto the Indian film scene back in 2011 with his crime spree film, Shaitan. With the help of some pretty impressive critical reaction the film managed to more than triple its budget in box office receipts, opening some eyes at bigger production houses. Among those interested was Reliance Big Pictures, who are producing his latest effort, the bilingual triptych/diptych David

As is common in an increasingly interconnected India, David was shot simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil language versions. Most of the supporting cast is the same, however the only lead to appear in both versions is Vikram (Kanthaswamy, Deiva Thirumagal, Aniyaan). In the Hindi version he is joined by Neil Nitin Mukesh (New York, 7 Khoon Maaf) and Vinay as the trio of titular Davids in a story spanning 40 years, and in the Tamil version he's joined by Jiiva (Mugamoodi, Nanban) with the third position being vacated.

It is curious that one version of the film would have three stories and the other only two, especially since it is the Tamil film industry that is more known for adding filigree to their films, however, Nambiar explained the decision on Twitter by saying, "the 3rd one (neil's) didn't fit into the tamil mileu. Would have had to re imagine it completely which was not feasible." I suppose that's a better reason than I would have expected. In any case, it's remarkable how different the films feel based upon the trailers in the different languages.
For comparison, here are the official synopses, Hindi first and then Tamil:
The story revolves around the lives of 3 Davids in 3 different parts of the world in 3 different eras.

1975 London- 30 year old David works for Iqbal Ghani, a dreaded Mafia don who controls the entire Asian community. He is a protege who is poised to take over the empire until a revelation which changes the course of his future.

1999 Mumbai- 19 year old David is a musician born into a family of devout Christians. A happy go lucky teenager who loses all semblance of his peaceful existence when his family gets dragged into a political issue.

2010 Goa - 40 year old David is a fisherman living in the small fishing village of Betul in Goa. He falls in love with the deaf and mute Roma- the only hitch is that she is engaged to be married to his best friend Peter in 10 days!

All 3 Davids are about to take a step which is going to change their lives forever.
Now Tamil:
The story of "David" revolves around the lives of 2 David's in 2 different parts of the country in 2 different eras. Both of them are about to take a step which is going to change their lives forever. It is a multiple genre film with liberal doses of action, drama, romance and comedy.
The Tamil trailer certainly feels more like an "entertainer" than the grittier Hindi version. In either case, I'm looking forward to the film, probably more so the Hindi version, but I may try to catch both. David is scheduled to hit cinema screens in February, 2013

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