Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Extended Trailer Reveals Skydiving Stunt

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Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Extended Trailer Reveals Skydiving Stunt
[UDPATE:  Added a making-of video that focus on the skydiving stunt and scouting the volcano location. Check it out below.]

An international trailer for Jackie Chan's Chinese Zodiac has arrived that features a glimpse of additional footage not shown in the Chinese version. Throughout Chan's prolific body of stunt work in his action films he has fought in many exotic locations and situations, whether in a wind tunnel or underwater in an aquarium.  In his latest action adventure, he can cross off fighting while skydiving over the mouth of a volcano on his stunt accomplishment list.
Globe-trotting soldier-of-fortune JC is hired by shady antiques dealers to track down six missing bronze animal-heads by any means necessary. The six bronzes originally formed part of a set of twelve, representing the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, forming part of a fountain in the old Summer Palace outside Beijing; they were looted and dispersed when Anglo-French armies sacked the Summer Palace in 1860. JC and his crack team of assistants first head to France, where two of the bronzes are believed to be held in a private collection. The operation to 'liberate' the bronzes from a heavily guarded Chateau brings JC into an uneasy alliance with Coco, a Chinese student in Paris, who is active in a global movement which campaigns for stolen cultural treasures to be returned to their homelands. Along the way, JC makes an enemy-for-life of Pierre, the chief of staff at the Chateau Marceau, and an unexpected friend of Katherine, a bankrupted aristocrat whose home contains another of the missing bronzes. The trail next leads JC and his team, now including Coco and Katherine, to a forgotten tropical island in the South Seas, where two missing animal heads are found in a beached wreck. A multi-national band of pirates moves to block the team's getaway, but JC's skill and resourcefulness wins the day. Back home, JC is stunned to learn that his employers already had the sixth missing bronze all along, and he sets out to teach them a lesson for tricking him. Meanwhile the protest movement has persuaded buyers to shun auctions of stolen national treasures, and the shady dealers are threatening to destroy the sixth bronze in public. Will JC's conscience -- and his sense of Chinese national pride -- kick in to push him to save the last bronze from destruction?
You'll find the extended trailer (English dubbed) embedded below. The release date is on December 20th.
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Mr. CavinDecember 10, 2012 4:54 PM

Somebody gonna tell me there's no CGI in this thing now?

TirryDecember 11, 2012 10:06 AM

CGI? yes there is. In the scene in the air. It is obvious, we even know how they did this scene. The fight was conducted over a wind tunnel for projecting and keep into the air the actors / stuntmen.

At the same time ... do you think we can really fight, parachuting over a volcano?!
A drop of 400 meters takes only 5 minutes. Above a volcano, there are many toxic dust. Be required is good ... but do not be fooled. This is cinema :) Go Jackie !

Mr. CavinDecember 11, 2012 11:18 AM

It is obvious. And I'm not making a value judgement, though I'm not as interested in seeing a Jackie Chan movie full of impossible feats, either. But the point of my comment was that below, people were unclear whether we were seeing computer animation or not. Now we know.


TirryDecember 11, 2012 4:53 PM

No Problem Mr Cavin ;)
Me, I'm waiting this Jackie Chan movie.

El ChilarDecember 11, 2012 8:46 PM

Love how a lot of synopsis for Asian movies spoil 90% of the the plot points for the movie they're trying to promote. Hey I get it, the draw for the movie is Jackie Chan doing cool shit. I'm in.

BelmontHeirDecember 12, 2012 3:03 AM

I know what you mean. Another thing Asian movies do is change the title frequently before release or have a different title for various regions...the poster says 'CZ12' but it's also been called 'Chinese Zodiac'.

tman418December 12, 2012 6:54 PM

Man, the fight scenes look really good. I just hope it's not because of clever editing though. The stunts looks awesome! I hope this movie comes to US theaters. Is it?