Have Your Say: What Are You Eagerly Anticipating In 2013?

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Have Your Say: What Are You Eagerly Anticipating In 2013?
How time flies! Soon, this very site will be rife again with end-of-year top 10 lists, looking back at the entirety of 2012.

Being a lists sort of person (and I know there are more of us here at ScreenAnarchy who share that trait), I'm already looking forward to it.

Beyond that, though, lies the year 2013. What am I looking forward to next year? At the end of its first month there will be a new International Film Festival Rotterdam, where hopefully I'll be seeing The Master. Ehm ... not really a typical 2013 title perhaps.

As I said, what am I looking forward to?

I wrote almost exactly the same words a year ago, and can easily just redo the whole article: I just need to replace every "2011" with "2012" and sometimes "2012" with "2013." In fact, last year I mentioned as an anime fan that I couldn't wait to see Hosoda's The Wolf Children and Evangelion 3.0. This is ironic as hell because they STILL are my most anticipated films, both not having screened yet anywhere near my neighborhood.

Still, in 2012 we got a new film in the Alien franchise, a new Batman, a new Bond, and a return to Middle Earth. And Marvel did a hugely expensive cross-over thing that turned out exceptionally successful. All of these were hugely anticipated when I asked this same question last year. So what are we looking forward to for 2013? New Star Trek? New Superman? New Iron Man?

Funny as the Mayan Calender joke has been all year, chances are there actually will be a 2013. So what are YOU anticipating?

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  • Carlos

    My most anticipated list consists of (off the top of my mind):
    The Protector 2 (Tony Jaa´s return!)
    Only God Forgives
    The Berlin File
    Fast Six
    De Palma´s Passion
    and if they´re released: the new movies from Gareth Evans and Cattet/Forzani
    I´m sure I´m anticipating more but I can´t remember more now...

  • The Evans film (Berandal) won't be released in 2013. Doesn't start shooting until January. The Cattet / Forzani (The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears) very well should be. They've been in post for a while now.

  • Superprongs

    I think I'm most excited for the "Korean Invasion"-- we have 3 talented South Korean directors (Kim Ji-Woon, Park Chan Wook and Bong Joon Ho) releasing their English-language debuts! Very exciting!
    So those aside I'm pretty pumped for Only God Forgives, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim (tentatively excited for Smallville the Movie)
    This could be a good year.

  • bear9

    Star Trek, IM 3, Supes all look great and i'm pumped. Pacific Rim is looking magnificent.

    Also looking forward to Upstream Color, from the dir. of a personal fave, Primer.

    not to mention Zero Dark Thirty and Stoker.

    what else? Is the new Mad Max this year?

  • Mad Max is supposed to be, yes.

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