Giants Attack In First ATTACK ON TITAN Anime Promo

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Giants Attack In First ATTACK ON TITAN Anime Promo
While Nakashima Tetsuya's live action adaptation of popular manga Attack On Titan has gone strangely silent in recent months fans won't have to wait long to see the post apocalyptic nightmare unfold on screens.

Wit Studio and Production IG are collaboration on an anime adaptation of Isayama Hajime's manga to air on Japanese television in spring of 2013 with Highschool of the Dead director Araki Tetsuro at the helm and the first minute long promo is freshly on the scene.

In the story the last remnants of humanity have gathered in walled cities to protect themselves from a race of flesh eating giants and those giants are in full effect here. In fact if you pay close attention you can catch a few glimpses of just how grisly the fight against these beasts will be.

As is the case with virtually everything Production IG is involved with the animation work looks absolutely top notch and with source material such as this to work with - the manga series is publishing now in North America as well - this will very much be one to watch in the coming year. Check the promo below.
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  • Art Vandelay

    Looks Promising.

  • Marc Clement

    wow... giant monsters... again

  • Hiroaki Johnson

    Looks better than Jack the Giant killer

  • ikilledbambi


  • Jim

    Animation and action scenes look stunning. Will be looking forward to this one (even though I don't know the original work).

  • Kodansha are publishing the manga in North America. They just started recently, so it's a good time to start into it ... I grabbed the first couple volumes for my son, I don't think they're much past that point in the English editions yet.

  • Wait, how old is your son? Because it's not only graphic, Attack On Titan is also mentally gruesome. :|

  • He's 11. Loves it so far.

  • Matt

    Love the idea, but someone has yet to integrate 2D and CG elements flawlessly; the 2 still don't mix well.

  • That live-action project sure sounds interesting. I started reading the comic recently, and this trailer shows some much needed visual polishing. I'm looking forward to it.

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