First Images From Vietnamese Action CHO LON Promise Massive Scale Gang Violence

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First Images From Vietnamese Action CHO LON Promise Massive Scale Gang Violence
Stepping it up a notch? The team behind Vietnamese action hits The Rebel and Clash are doing a whole lot more than that if the first images from the set of their upcoming Cho Lon - previously known as Chinatown - are to be believed. Johnny Tri Nguyen stars and handles the action choreography on this one with Charlie Nguyen directing and Jimmy Pham Nghiem producing.

In the heart of Saigon, there's a place where promises are still written in blood.

Cho Lon is a modern day gangster epic with 'epic' being the operative word ... the cast is huge and we can clearly expect some mass fighting sequences. And when your on set, behind the scenes shots look as astoundingly good as these ones do, well, I can hardly wait to see what cinematographer Tal Lazar is capturing for the screen.

Now about two thirds of the way through principal photography, expect to see more from Cho Lon soon. But for now check the extensive gallery of behind the scenes shots below and be sure to click the images to enlarge them to full size!
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  • TungDT

    Sadly the film will be delayed until further notice :( some epic fighting scene must be cut off according to the law of our country.

  • Rabin

    Any body knows when this movie's came out (released) ??

  • 30/4/2013

  • It's still shooting right now. I believe they're aiming to release in Vietnam in the first half of 2013.

  • Yojimbo

    Looks interesting especially the drone above the blade wielding motorcycle crew.Is it a camera platform for the director or part of the story?

  • Camera platform. If you look at some of the big group shots it looks like they've run a series of cables to shoot cameras over the crowd in those sequences, too.

  • they're using flyingcam to catch the crowd.

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