DANGER 5 Arrives On Hulu, Gets Straight To The Biscuits

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DANGER 5 Arrives On Hulu, Gets Straight To The Biscuits
One of the greatest TV shows to premiere in 2012 was Danger 5. A madcap pastiche of spy tropes, ridiculous costumes and elaborate plywood sets, Danger 5 asks what if World War II happened during the swinging 1960s, and a crack team of international secret agents was formed by a blazer-wearing Colonel with an eagle's head, and given a weekly mission to hunt down and kill Adolf Hitler? Danger 5 creators Dario Russo and David Ashby then answer this question with aplomb.

While it was made for Australian TV, viewers around the world have been trying to watch this show all year. Now comes news that Danger 5 is finally available to watch in the US via Hulu.

Today we've heard the sad news that Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson passed away, and I suppose it's fitting that a show that so clearly homages Anderson's creations is now available to a wider appreciative audience. Episode 1 of Danger 5 is now on Hulu, and new episodes will premiere each Sunday. Check out the trailer below.
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