Wonderfully Disturbing Ice Cream Ad: I may never eat ice cream again.

Contributor; Chicago, Illinois
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Wonderfully Disturbing Ice Cream Ad: I may never eat ice cream again.
Normally I wouldn't post a commercial just because I found it entertaining. But this may be the most disturbing ad I've ever seen. Ice cream anyone? Now would be the time to find out who made this, what they are currently working on and how on earth we can get them to revisit this material in the form of a full length horror film. Either way this is a commercial that can hardly be called vanilla. 
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  • Sebo McPowers

    Hm, where is the creepy part? I kind of hoped he would eat himself slowly or something like that. Not just look vaguely hungry...

  • Greg Christie

    It's a pleasant surprise to see that this has been spreading so widely. I'm proud to say that this commercial is for a small shop here in the City of Brotherly Love, PHILADELPHIA. I live about three blocks away from their brick and mortar ice cream boutique. They're located in a revitalized area of the river district in North East Philly. Even 3 years ago, you could score smack and a 14 year old hooker at the intersection where this is located. Now it there's art galleries, coffee shops, and a pizza museum. You have to go over 2 blocks if you still want the 14 year old hookers and smack. Ah, Philly, my home.

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