Watch The Trailer For Fincher's HOUSE OF CARDS Now

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Watch The Trailer For Fincher's HOUSE OF CARDS Now
[UPDATE: Trailer now embedded below.]  The Netflix foray into original content continues with the David Fincher produced, Kevin Spacey starring political thriller House Of Cards. Fincher also chips in on the directing front and though the premiere is not scheduled until February, Netflix is already offering up a trailer to subscribers. And it looks very, very good.

Being tucked away up here in Canada I'm more than a little curious to see what the American appetite will be for shows like this and The Newsroom - which will dive into the just completed Presidential election as the basis for much of its upcoming second season - having just gone through a lengthy campaign season but there's plenty here to draw these eyes.

Adapted from a British television series, House Of Cards also stars Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Michael Kelly (Chronicle), Kristen Connolly (Cabin In The Woods), Corey Stoll (Midnight In Paris) and Mahershali Ali (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button). Watch the trailer here.
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  • Mr. Cavin

    I liked the British version, and am willing to give this a shot--even though it looks like we've leached all the funky mania out of it in the same ol' self-serious way we always seem to. Hopefully, looks can be deceiving. I think John Lithgow would have been more interesting casting to hit the tone of the original show, though.

  • Looks like BOSS, Fincher style... ill check it for sure.

  • Tender Branson

    This looks like something my wife might like. I hope she can hear all that dialog over my snoring.

  • jedi4life2003

    I'll watch pretty much anything with Kevin Spacey, I even liked K-Pax, and that might be the oddest film he's been in.

  • Odd. It recognizes that I watched it - says so right beneath - but it now says Coming Soon for me, too. Not sure why it would have been removed ...

  • Matt

    No trailer. Just says "Coming Soon".

  • Plays totally fine for me at that link. Where are you? You may need to be logged in to Netflix for it to work.

  • Matt

    Hmmm, maybe. Seems to defeat the purpose if you're already a member of
    Netflix though. Wouldn't you want EVERYONE to see it to get more

  • Eric Vinson

    I'm signed into netflix and it says "coming soon" for me as well.

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