Out Now on Australian DVD: THE BRIDGE Is A Suspenseful And Intelligent Eurocrime Saga

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Out Now on Australian DVD: THE BRIDGE Is A Suspenseful And Intelligent Eurocrime Saga

Madman Entertainment have been on an amazing roll with Eurocrime television series these last few years, polished and adult shows that never take the trope procedural route. Ensuring Australia does not miss out on gems like The Killing (the original Danish series, of course), French crime thriller Spiral and a slew of others, their most recent release into this arena has coveted the most praise, and it is not hard to understand why as The Bridge is an absolute triumph of crime genre greatness that is well-paced and breathtaking it its twists and turns.

The first season of The Bridge consists of ten episodes and concerns itself around a truly grotesque murder. The body of a female politician is found in the middle of the Oresund Bridge, which connects both Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmo (Sweden). This is no ordinary body and the placement of it garners the suspicions of police from both countries,  which leads to the enigmatic protagonists Saga Noren (Sofia Helin) from Malmo and Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) from Copenhagen.

The discovery of this body and the details surrounding it are just the beginning of the campaign of terror that is unleashed, troubling both nations, and goes on to include revenge, serial murders and much more.

The series presents so many red herrings it is hard to keep track and the questionable characters the show introduces along the way provide most of its strength and keep things moving and seriously entertaining.

The series holds its cards close, the protagonists suffer with a variety of personal issues they must overcome, some tying directly to the case, while others have interesting subplots that never wane or drag the main story down. The cultural differences between Sweden and Denmark are also highlighted in an interesting, thought provoking way.

It is best to watch The Bridge a day at a time, the reveals and cliff hangers are well executed and it is a real treat to get bursts of this fantastic show.

The Bridge is out now on DVD from Madman Entertainment.

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per erikssonNovember 24, 2012 10:43 AM

They are filming the second series now in Denmark and Sweden. Really good scandinavian production.