Oscar Redding Leads GALORE Cast

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Oscar Redding Leads GALORE Cast
Hot on the heels of news that Mark Leonard Winter is leading the cast of One Eyed Girl, we hear that his fellow Van Diemen's Land cannibal buddy Oscar Redding is one of the lead cast in Galore, a drama which also begins shooting this week in Australia.

This is great news for all us fans of Van Diemen's Land - not to mention the police and penis webseries Cop Hard, which Oscar wrote and co-directed. Great to see him getting his due up on the big screen again. 

Shot in the Australian capital, Canberra, Galore follows four teenagers whose lives are thrown together late one night ahead of the devastating bushfires of 2002. Oscar is obviously not playing one of the teenagers. 

Written and directed by Ryhs Graham, Galore also stars stars Ashleigh Cummings (Tomorrow When The War Began), Toby Wallace (Nim's Island 2), Lily Sullivan (Mental), Aliki Matangi and Maya Stange (Garage Days). Oscar also recently starred in Ryhs Graham's short film for The Turning anthology, and the photo above is from that film. 
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