Nothing Can Prepare You For The Awesomeness Of SIVAJI - THE BOSS Japan Style!

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Nothing Can Prepare You For The Awesomeness Of SIVAJI - THE BOSS Japan Style!
Superstar Fever is tearing its way through the land of the rising sun!

Few people know about the underground cult that has built around Tamil juggernaut, Superstar Rajnikanth in Japan. Beginning with the surprise success of his 1995 film, Muthu, Japanese film fans have latched onto India's biggest superstar in a crazy way! Earlier this year I posted about the Japanese release of Rajnikanth's 2010 masterpiece (and my top film of that year), Enthiran or Robot. Well, it appears that was a success because the distributors are jumping back into Rajni's oeuvre and bringing another one of his most exciting films to Japan, 2007's Sivaji - The Boss.

Sivaji is the film that made me fall in love with Superstar Rajnikanth and south Indian cinema in general. This film, directed by Shankar (Enthiran/Robot) is so insanely over the top and goofy that it's hard not to admire the conviction that went into its creation.  Rajnikanth gives the ultimate in Rajnikanthian performances, a smiling do-gooder who takes on pan-Indian corruption with little more than a single rupee, a pal who believes in him, and some amazing Matrix inspired fighting skills. As insane as this trailer is, and believe me, it is INSANE, this is only a shred of the amazing experience that awaits the man brave enough to step into the ring with Sivaji

Sivaji - The Boss is scheduled to release in Japan on December 1st, and a list of cinemas can be found at the official website linked below (all in Japanese, but you can Google translate it). PLEASE don't miss this if you are in Japan, and even if you aren't, you must watch this trailer. It is two minutes of concentrated testosterone in video form. Trust me on this.

If this whets your whistle, there is a really spectacular Tamil Blu-ray of the film that is a little on the pricey side, but well worth the money. Check the links below for purchase information
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Giles LinnearNovember 22, 2012 4:56 AM

One spinoff of Japan's MUTHU craze that I especially like is NATTU, starring Japanese comedian Kiyotaka Nanbara, who travelled to India with cash in hand to engage a Tamil production company for a short feature. Only video release, sadly, was a VHS tape of middling quality, though the documentary footage on it was more entertaining than the film itself. Nanbara recruited his TV troupe Urinari to spin off the film into a stage musical, then they all returned to India together with Hesei Godzilla director Kazuki Omori for a big-budget film largely lacking the original's rough charm, but provided a nice DVD release.