New Trailer For SON OF SARDAAR Gives A Glimpse At A Bollywood Style Tex Avery Cartoon

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New Trailer For SON OF SARDAAR Gives A Glimpse At A Bollywood Style Tex Avery Cartoon
SS Rajamouli must be laughing all the way to the bank right about now.

Not only was his Telugu hit, Vikramarkudu, remade into the Bollywood box office smash Rowdy Rathore AND his own latest venture, Eega, also crowned a massive critical and box office success (on top of being my favorite film of 2012), he will now see his film Marayada Ramanna remade in Hindi with Ajay Devgan in the hero role as Son of Sardaar.

Rajamouli certainly can't take all of the credit for this film. Marayada Ramanna was a loose remake of Buster Keaton's 1919 film, Our Hospitality, and so any similarities there are certainly not coincidental. However, It is Rajamouli who gets to cash the residual checks once Son of Sardaar starts minting money this Diwali, as it is expected to do.

The only real competition this Diwali is between Son of Sardaar and Yash Chopra's final film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, though there probably isn't a whole lot of crossover between their audiences. I plan on making a double feature out of it so I can get reviews up for your guys as soon as possible, and I'll probably have whiplash by the time the night is over. Where Jab Tak Hai Jaan is the kind of sumptuous looking, melodramatic romance that Yash Chopra (and by extension Bollywood in general) is famous for, Son of Sardaar appears to be taking the Tex Avery approach by creating a live action cartoon full of over the top violence and action. I'm okay with that.

The new trailer was cut specifically to highlight the action bits, and I'll be damned it is isn't wacky as hell. Please pardon the ad nonsense at the beginning and end, I couldn't get rid of it. Just sit tight, and enjoy the show.
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