Justin Long Finds THE LOOKALIKE

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Justin Long Finds THE LOOKALIKE
Australian director Richard Gray is not one to rest between drinks. With his third feature in three years, Blinder, still in post production, he's already casting his fourth film, crime caper The Lookalike. And the first actor to join the cast is Justin Long.

Described as a crime film in the vein of True Romance and Get Shorty, The Lookalike follows Bobby and Frank who set out to find a lookalike for Sadie, whose death has jeopardised a major deal. The crazy search propels an ex-basketball champion, a gossip writer, a coke addict, and a deaf beauty into unlikely romance and a desperate quest to seal the deal.

Inside Film reports The Lookalike will shoot from late November in New Orleans and the Bahamas. 

Gray started his career with romantic drama Summer Coda, before shifting gears into a B-movie thriller Mine Games, and again for the $5m sports drama Blinder. The Lookalike sees him chance genre again, with his regular co-writer Michelle David-Gray writing solely this time. 

Mine Games and Blinder haven't yet been released, but deals for each are expected to be announced soon.
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