Johnny Nguyen Heads To CHINATOWN

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Johnny Nguyen Heads To CHINATOWN
Vietnamese action star Johnny Nguyen is headed back to the big screen in Vietnam taking a lead role in upcoming action film Chinatown.

Helmed by his brother Charlie - who also directed The Rebel - Chinatown is a multi-threaded gangster epic promising loads of what Johnny does best: Hardcore, unvarnished martial arts action. Production started on the film this week and should run through the end of the year.

And for those who have been paying close attention, no. This is not the same film as Redemption, the Nguyen Brothers movie announced back in March. That movie is still happening as well but with Charlie having shifted his focus on to Chinatown the directing reins on Redemption have been passed to Clash director Le Thanh Son.
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  • manchest

    This guy is smoking hot. He needs to be in front of the camera a lot more often.

  • disqus_pj10w9BLnv

    Cung Le is better VNmese actor & fighter!

  • Marcel Samson

    So? What is your point? Does it make JN a bad actor & fighter?

  • disqus_pj10w9BLnv

    Sure JN is not bad fighter. But his acting not so great to me. I watch couple of his movies and saw the same face expression on diff characters. Just like Jean-Claude Van Damme, they can fight bit not great acting. ==================== In The Name Of LOVE!

  • Fighter, Cung Le is better. But actor? No way. Did you see Man with the Iron Fist?

  • disqus_pj10w9BLnv

    not yet, but will as soon as I have a chance

  • More Johnny Nguyen is good Johnny Nguyen

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