IRON SKY Director's Next Revealed As JEREMIAH HARM. Watch The Concept Promo Now!

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IRON SKY Director's Next Revealed As JEREMIAH HARM. Watch The Concept Promo Now!
It was a week ago today that ScreenAnarchy brought you the first artwork from a proposed new project from Iron Sky helmer Timo Vuorensola. Yes, we knew he was already working on an adaptation of graphic novel I Killed Adolf Hitler but it turns out the Finn had something else on the boil and today we found out what it is. And, once again, he is turning to a graphic novel for source material.

Using a formula much like the one followed by Iron Sky - meaning a heavy crowd funding and fan involvement emphasis - Vuorensola is developing an adaptation of Alan Grant and Keith Giffen's Jeremiah Harm with Tero Kaukomaa (Iron Sky), Arnold Rifkin (A Good Day To Die Hard) and Boom! Studios Ross Ritchie producing. And Timur (Wanted) Bekmambetov's Bazelev's outfit is also involved.

Jeremiah - you can call him Jerry, but he'll probably rip your limbs off if you do - is a nasty guy with a bad attitude and a lever-action rifle to back that up. He's a human, but never really went to Earth. Born and raised in several intergalactic orphanaries with a bunch of aliens from all corners of the galaxy, he begun a career as a bounty hunter early, scoring his first kill before the age of 15. After that, the bodycount has been steadily rising, and by mid-30's, he has basically hunted down every imaginable race in the galaxy - but not his own kind. See, he's the only human around as far as he knows, until he is assigned to Earth, a planet claimed to be lost thousands of years ago. And of course he finds himself from New York, chasing a bunch of alien criminals and a girl they kidnapped from the Most Important Man In the Universe.
True to form, Vuorensola has already shot a lengthy promo / proof of concept for the film, which you can check out below. This is purely test footage - none of which will be in the final film - but it gives a very good sense of where they're going with it.
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    lol at friendly neighborhood....

  • I love Keith Giffen. This sounds cool.

  • Martine

    It doesn't matter who the "baddest man" actually is among fiction characters, does it? Thats not what this article is about. Has no one read past the title?????? Seriously? Are you all five years old?

  • JS

    Come get some!

  • GhostRiderb2283

    Does anyone notice he sounds like Duke Nukem? They should make a Duke Nukem movie.

  • Kris Gokuraku

    A younger Schwarzenegger would've been epic. He could've shouted; 'get to tha Shuttle' and we would have a new meme for years.

  • Mathew Lindau

    How about "Chuck Norris is Jeremiah Harm"? =p

  • Tropez

    Is he related to Duke Nukem at all? Maybe a cousin or something?

  • Pacifi3d

    Looks boring as shit...

  • kG

    A younger Mel Gibson would have rocked this part.

  • blueblank

    Looks shit

  • Synvara

    sounds like a mix of the duke and good old jim raynor^^ i ll give it a shot^^

  • GrimeTime

    so its not mel gibson?

  • anthony star


  • gafgaryon

    So that means that this dude is coming to theatres before the Main Man?
    Fragg off ya bastich!!!

  • Too much talking for a tough guy.

  • Movie-Man Smith



    PLZ MAKE A LOBO MOVIE!!!!!, but u if ruin it, ILL FREAKIN FRAG U!

  • El PavliTo

    sounds/looks like Duke Nukem rip off... still pretty awesome though..

  • Jeremy Sean Moore

    Sounds like Duke, does Lobo's job, and looks like The Punisher without the skull, He needs to make up his mind.

  • Crashpoint

    Stylized japanese is now the new alien language. seems legit.

  • Godinho

    Interesting premise, awful execution.

    Cheesy voice, a lot of slow-motion, childish villain, ridiculous movement.

    GOSH, I've never seen anything so terrible in my life.

  • nemesis222

    we knew this ages ago ...................yawn - new news please.

  • Snoop Lion

    The story was written in November last year. You're just reading it late.

  • kG

    I thought it was a new Mel Gibson movie!

  • Don Thiel

    am I the only one that thinks Space Punisher/Duke Nukem meets Star Wars is an awesome idea? Sign me up!

  • Swill

    Looks awful. I hate characters 7 miles ahead of everyone else. Truly 80s flat character, dont make this project.

  • Wingblade

    I kept going, "Oh my God, it's Solid Snake!"

  • Anaxagoras

    The voice is so utterly lame. Is that Cryxus? If it is, just use his bloody awesome voice and yes, he should be the lead for this.

  • dynoma

    So alien planets have steel works, stairs, cigars, rifles, trench coats...oh and they speak english and have words like sh*t. I'm all for the current boon in sci-fi..but this is just lazy

  • Jeremiah Rubin


    Please don't make this

  • To me it looks like a cross between the Riddick and Planet of the Apes films (Mudball planet full of talking apes?). Anyone else think that? Oh and Duke Nuke, this guy looks like a knock off version.

  • Stephen

    Total Duke Nukem vibe.

  • Gnortimer

    Everybody knows the baddest man in comics is THE MAIN MAN: LOBO!

  • The Flobbit

    The Batman, Rorschach, and Marv have something to say about that.

  • Martine

    The strongest or the one in charge isn't necessarily the most badasses. Its not the same thing. The one with the most ballsy attitude is the most badassed.

  • Guest

    Thats nice....but who cares? They aren't making a movie about Lobo.

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    i read a bunch of the comics. im intrested. will be a good gauge to see if a lobo movie is possible.

  • Peter Callan

    Too many holes. As a proof-of-concept, it already shows its weaknesses.

  • johnnywrong

    Do a better promo then. Just like I thought...TROLL.

  • Jackofalltrades

    What is this ? Some sort of new Duke Nukem for the younger audience ?

  • Ibzios

    So basically it's The Punisher meets Star Wars. Also, judging from the promo, it looks like it'll be a flop just like the 2 Punisher movies. However, It is purportedly being made by the same people who made Live Free & Die Hard, so it may end up being good. If it does turn out to be a flop, then I'll probably wait til it's on Netflix or Pay-Per-View, so I don't end up wasting my money.

  • They should go for something like: "One Eye" from Valhalla Rising - only, put him in space (except of course he was a mute, so this is mostly about look and feel)

  • nouu

    Lobo would have been better..

  • Perry Farewell

    As for Harm, its a good concept, just not near gritty enough,not mean enough, a mix between Marv from sin city and hell boy,and John Mclane from die hard.

  • Guest

    Or it's based on exactly what they are...Hammet and Chandler hard-booiled PIs. Read some, kid, before you come on here.

  • proper kid

    The "kid" looks older than you

  • johnnywrong

    Sure, now that he has a pic.

  • Perry Farewell

    she cheats alot, but still impressive.

  • Nico

    I actualy liked this.

  • johnnywrong

    Looks solid. Sci-fi Hammet. BRING IT!

  • Dragon God

    Visual Effects by Troll, seems legit.

  • Johan

    this IS duke nukem .. far to uncanny

  • Timoteo Hiroshima

    Looks stupid.

  • Martine

    Maybe, but I am dying to see it. it looks fun.

  • Marv

    The voice sounds too much like he's trying to sound cool which does the exact opposite and ends up cliché and cheesy. The voice reminds me of a hair dye commercial for douchbag metrosexuals. Just my opinion, but study the character Marv from Sin City for a glimps of what it takes to pull off the tough guy thing.

  • Martine

    Mickey Rorke did an amazing job with Marv....but thats not the only way to do this. What they have could work very well with a few tweeks. Not to mention that this isn't taking itself seriously! I think it sounds like a really fun film, and I am on board. I don't want to see another Sin City, good as it was. I like an over the top, tongue in cheek approach too.

  • Cafary

    Yeah Marv is still the toughest actor i've ever seen in any Movie?

  • Irrevenoid

    I could be wrong but I suspect that's the point. I think it's a deliberately tongue-in-cheek movie...

  • Oliver Sloan

    True! Mix in DC Comic's Lobo and give him Steve McQueen's Wanted: Dead or Alive Winchester rifle and that about all I see.

  • Riku Ruohomäki

    Well, that wouldn't suprise me, because the graphic novel has the same creators, Giffen created Lobo. Alan Grant, who also wrote Batman and, most notably, Judge Dredd, with Dredd creator and writing partner John Wagner, has also written Lobo, on the great 90's run, with plots by Giffen and artwork (mostly) by Simon Bisley.

  • Derek Jacobs

    What the hell does Dredd have to do with this?

  • Riku Ruohomäki

    Alan Grant, who has written Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson comics for decades. Who is also writing Jeremiah Harm comics.

  • Derek Jacobs

    It really has nothing to do with this. You are a psychotic fanboy that needs help.

  • eddi34

    Years of professional boxing breaking your face, drug abuse, and banging models while sniffing coke off their asses?

    That's a lot to ask for.

  • RoboticPlague

    sounds like duke nukem

  • Martine

    I LIKED Duke Nukem.

  • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

    Meh, more like Space Punisher, or Jack Reacher: In Space, or Lobo

  • johnnywrong

    Y'all are completely missing the point. Just sayin'.

  • You also missing the point ^^

  • Stephan Maich

    this looks both in tone and content very much like the intro trailer for the Prey 2 video game. neither are terribly original concepts, but i wonder if its purely coincidental.

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