Hey! Who Let The Ghost Fly The Plane?

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Hey! Who Let The Ghost Fly The Plane?
You know what I hate? I hate when a ghost takes over the flight I'm on and crashes the plane into a tsunami. That just sucks. And it is, of course, in upcoming Indonesian horror film Tragedi Penerbangan 574. The only question here is whether the producers have conspired to completely spoil the film between the poster and fifty second teaser, or - dare we hope? - does the story continue underwater? Check the teaser below.
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ericbdgNovember 10, 2012 6:04 AM

Hmm kinda reminds me of a Thai horror titled "Flight 407". I hope it's not a rip off.

adhipNovember 11, 2012 10:06 AM

"4 teenagers are on a holiday in Surabaya, when one of them is killed by a ghost. They used this Flight 574 to bring her coffin back to Manado, but that ghost still not done yet, he go along with them. Moreover, one of the passengers slaughtered his wife and her ghost also boards the plane. People were killed one by one until the plane crashed into ocean and some fishermen find the wreckage. But the terror goes on...."

That's the synopsis translated of this "Flight 547 Tragedy" movie. And it's actually based on a real accident of Adam Air Flight 547 flying from Surabaya to Manado on 1 Jan 2007 disappeared (crashed to ocean) near Polewali, Sulawesi/Celebes. All 102 passengers died and the official release is the crew became preoccupied of troubleshooting the navigation system and somehow disable autopilot. So, soe film maker want to show people (especially those 102 passengers' family) that some angry ghosts behind this tragedy? That's very rude.

adhipNovember 11, 2012 10:15 AM

Oh, btw that plane is obviously a Fokker F28 (you can see it written wit big letters on the plane) but the flight attendant said "Welcome to flight 547 on Boeing 737...from Surabaya to Manado".......