Grotesque Italian Comedy Dons SOMEONE ELSE'S FACE

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Grotesque Italian Comedy Dons SOMEONE ELSE'S FACE
It seems very likely indeed that Italian director Pappi Corsicato has more than a passing interest in Terry Gilliam's Brazil, Crosicato's Rome-selected comedy Someone Else's Face (Il Volto Di Un'altra) riffing as mightily as it does on the plastic surgery sub plot of Gilliam's masterpiece. And that's just fine with me given that Someone Else's Face does so with as much style and distinctive personality of its own as it appears to do in the first trailer.

Cineuropa describes the film like this:

Bella (Laura Chiatti) is the attractive anchor for a television show on plastic surgery, in which her husband (Alessandro Preziosi) operates on patients live. She loses her job after the public tires of seeing her face. On her way home, she is caught in an accident which leaves her disfigured. Bella decides to have her husband give her a new face in order to re-conquer her audience. People get excited about this piece of news and media starts camping outside of the clinic where the showgirl is being operated on. The South Tirol clinic acts as a place where paradoxical situations and people abound, including a nun obsessed with purges (Iaia Forte) and a maintenance man with foolish and revolutionary aspirations.
The trailer promises a super stylish, ultra macabre bit of social satire. Check it below.

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  • paddy

    Any idea if a london screening would be on the cards?

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