FrightFest Launches Limited Edition Screen Print Collection with ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS and More

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FrightFest Launches Limited Edition Screen Print Collection with ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS and More

FrightFest is the premiere festival in the UK for fantasy and horror pictures, as demonstrated by its loyal base of local fans and overseas visitors -- see, for example, one of the reports filed by our own James Marsh about the 13th edition, held this past August. And now they're launching a collection of limited edition screen prints.

The first print announced was inspired by Lucio Fulci's 1979 classic Zombie Flesh Eaters. In a prepared statement, artist Nat Marsh commented: "Zombie Flesh Eaters is for me THE defining zombie movie. They're coming out of the ground, they're all messed up and they're shambling, very slowly, towards the living. Brilliant! That's the feeling I wanted to put across in this design - that slow march of impending death."

FrightFest Originals, created by Ian Rattray and Alex Chambers, "aims to produce a number of limited edition 30 X 40 UK Quad prints featuring designs by the hottest talents around the world," according to the statement, "including Graham Humphreys, Aiheads, Brandon Schaefer, The Silent Giants, Derek Gabrysek, Connor Martyn, Ghoulish Gary and Luke Insect." The company says that prints for Razorback, Martyrs, The Wicker Man, and Candyman are all In the pipeline.

Five posters are currently up for sale on the FrightFest Originals website; all look quite tasty to me, and all are quite limited in availability, so check them all to see if you'd like to hang some original art on your walls.

[Full disclosure: Ian Rattray, who is a founding director of FrightFest, is a personal friend and editor of FrightFest's online magazine, to which I have been contributing a regular column.]




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Kirk BrainardNovember 16, 2012 8:28 PM

Those are AMAZING! I LOVE that "Zombie" poster. I can't wait to see "Maniac", dig the "Martyrs" and "Oldboy" nod.

ZombobNovember 17, 2012 5:24 PM

Must...get...Zombie Flesh Eaters...