Erik Matti Launches Production of Long Awaited Crime Picture OTJ

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Erik Matti Launches Production of Long Awaited Crime Picture OTJ
ScreenAnarchy first got wind of Erik Matti's OTJ (On The Job) all the way back in January of 2010. That's when the Filipino director - sparked by a real life scandal in which corrupt politicians, dirty prison wardens and gangsters collaborated to release prisoners on day passes for use as hit men - got together a small crew and shot a stellar eight minute long reel for a proposed thriller revolving around one of those prison hit men and the cop in pursuit of him. Known as OJT at the time, it has been in development ever since with the script being polished and a lengthy hunt for the money to make the full feature undertaken.

That hunt has been successful and Matti is now deep into principal photography with Piolo Pascual, Gerald Anderson, Joey Marquez, Joel Torre, Angel Aquino, Rayver Cruz and Leo Martinez starring.

We're hoping for the first official images soon but check out the video below for the original promo that got things started.
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  • DooK

    Best news for me today!!! Hope Matti will deliver the promo's premise.

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