Dear God Yes! See Exploitation Homage DEAR GOD NO! for Free in London!

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Dear God Yes! See Exploitation Homage DEAR GOD NO! for Free in London!
While certainly not to everyone's tastes, there's no denying that James Bickert's Dear God No! has its heart in the right place - just before it's ripped out and eaten by a big hairy woodland monster. Shot on Super 16mm and harking back to the exploitation biker movies that played the 70s drive-in circuit, the film promises plenty of blood, boobs and beer-chugging biker gangs - and if you live in London, you can catch it on the big screen absolutely free.

Hitting UK DVD on 14 January courtesy of Monster Pictures, Dear God No! will receive its UK premiere this Thursday, 15 November, at The Horse Hospital, as part of Bizarre Magazine's monthly CUT screenings (see link below for more details). There will also be free beer! 

The DVD release of Dear God No! boasts a UK exclusive "Grindhouse Cut" of the film, together with two audio commentaries, trailers gag reels, a spin-off animated short and plenty more besides.

For a better idea of what writer-director Bickert has conjured up, check out the trailer below:
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Jobless JoeNovember 13, 2012 5:08 PM

NSFW tag would be nice on that trailer intro, James.