Danish Crime Goes Slapstick In Action Comedy ALLE FOR TO

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Danish Crime Goes Slapstick In Action Comedy ALLE FOR TO
Sequels are much more an American thing than a European one but they do happen on that side of the pond from time to time and comedy hit Alle For En provoked such a response that it's coming back for a second round.

This sequel to the box office hit »All for One« finds the previously tight-knit trio dispersed: Nikolai is on parole, while brothers Ralf and Timo are planning a heist involving the unlikely combination of unsalted butter, a strickt diet and a helicopter. When their seemingly impossible heist succeeds, Nikolai asks to borrow some money to start over. The brothers reject him, but when all three of them are tricked by a fish-loving banking executive, they are forced to team up again.
Let this be a warning to you all: Be extra cautious around Kim Bodnia when he has a hankering for fish.

While I wouldn't expect anything near as lewd as Klown with this one, the simple fact that the script is from Anders Thomas Jensen immediately means quality and there's definitely a good energy to the first teaser. Boys being boys, a few well executed stunt sequences and Bodnia chewing the scenery in the villain role. These are all good things. Check it out below.
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