AFM 2012: Sharks Join The Breakfast Club In BAIT 2: LOS ANGELES

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AFM 2012: Sharks Join The Breakfast Club In BAIT 2: LOS ANGELES
Arclight Films has announced the sequel to its internationally successful sharkspoitation thriller Bait will take place in Los Angeles, with Great Whites terrorizing kids in a school after a freak super-tsunami raises water levels across the city.

The plot sounds like The Breakfast Club gone horribly wrong.

It's just another perfect day in the City of Angels. That is, until a three mile long, 100-foot tsunami completely obliterates Los Angeles, not only destroying it, but effectively wiping it from the map. 

However, for five students in a private school, on detention and missing out on a class trip, they turn out to be the lucky ones...or are they? Because before the day is through they will have to battle a tidal wave, the elements, each other, aftershocks, and worst of all, a 15-foot Great White Shark that has decided to make the school they are trapped in its new hunting ground. With the water constantly rising, fraying tempers, nowhere for them to go, and one of nature's perfect sea creatures actively pursuing them, they are about to be taught a lesson in survival.

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