TV Review: DEXTER S7E01, ARE YOU Brings Dexter Back Big Time

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TV Review: DEXTER S7E01, ARE YOU Brings Dexter Back Big Time
One episode in to the new season of Dexter and one thing is very clear: There will be no stepping back from the precipice, no resetting back to the starting position, hopefully no more angsty musings about dark passengers or any other such stuff. After romancing the character for six seasons it's all bare and on the table. Dexter is a serial killer. Period. The question now is what happens next.

There was some concern about whether this would really be the case and justifiably so. After all, Dexter has nearly been caught repeatedly throughout the series, the near misses continually eroding any sense of plausibility the show may have with many fans refusing to forgive producers for the end of Season Five, where all involved walked right up to the edge and then bailed in spectacular fashion. Well, they're not repeating that mistake.

Season Six ending with Deb walking in as Dexter drove his knife into his latest victim's chest. Season Seven starts a moment later with Dexter trying to bluff his way through and Deb wanting desperately to believe that this was a one off event. But ultimately she just can't, the similarities between what she has just witnessed her brother doing and other crimes throughout past years proving just too much to shake off. And so she starts digging. And the digging leads her to exactly the right place.

Make no mistake, there are at least two other plotlines in this episode that will have major impact throughout the season - the killing of a cop by Russian mafia, Lewis targeting Dexter with the anger of a spurned lover - but the only thing that really matters here is the Dexter / Deb story and, praise be, they got it right. And intriguingly so. By the time Deb realizes the true scope of her brother's crime she has already painted herself into a corner and made herself an accessory, so both are caught in horrible situations. Dexter is found out, his mask pulled away. And Deb has to decide whether she's going to take her brother down - and herself in the process. After becoming consistently more predictable and more formulaic over the years Dexter has finally turned the corner and gone someplace new. And I have no idea where it's going to go next. But I haven't been this excited to keep watching in quite some time.
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JayOctober 1, 2012 5:59 PM

Thanks God. Great Review. I love the Dexter series. But the stories have become so predictable. This is good news.

Max GreenOctober 7, 2012 4:13 PM

I couldn’t believe how many crazy plotlines they crammed
into this one amazing episode! WOW! Like you said, there is really no telling
where the season will take us from here. There have been thousands of
predictions floating around my office at DISH, and all of them are just as
likely as the next! I can’t wait to see what happens! My only complaint is that
I wish it aired on a different night. Now that I’ve discovered the brilliance
of Homeland, Boardwalk Empire and The Amazing Race, I’m practically glued to my
couch on Sundays. At least my Hopper DVR can record up to six things and has a
huge memory space to house all these series, or else I don’t know how I would
choose what to watch. Of course, Dexter is on the top of my recording list! I
am dying for the new episode!