Traumatize Yourself With Dennison Ramalho's NINJAS

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Traumatize Yourself With Dennison Ramalho's NINJAS
One of the most troubling short films to hit screens in recent years - one of the most troubling of any length, honestly - Dennison Ramalho's Ninjas fuses elements of cop thriller with traditional Brazilian black magic to create an experience that burrows deep into your brain. An award winner at Fantasia, Ninjas has also screened in Clermont-Ferrand, Sitges, the London BFI and other festivals around the world and now you can experience it in the comfort and safety of your own home as director Ramalho has released the entire short online.

Be warned: Extreme content lies within.

NINJAS from Dennison Ramalho on Vimeo.

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  • pootietang

    Holy deepest, darkest, levels of hell! That was the most cringe-worthy 25 minutes I've spent in recent memory. Faaantastic!

  • Robert Nevitt

    This is good timing, as we (at Celluloid Screams Horror Festival in the UK) are screening a retrospective of all of Dennison's short films next Saturday, followed by a Q&A in person by the man himself. Thanks to Todd and Matthew Lee for all of the Twitch coverage for our fest so far...

  • arturo

    That was pretty hardcore, strong stuff..

  • CoffinJoeJr

    The sequence with the cop being haunted by the boy could be better developed in a longer feature, it moves a bit too fast to develop the atmosphere in my humble opinion, but the torture sequence and the 'dream' segment with the religious fanatics were amazing, strong stuff. Miike would be proud of that spike scene *ouch!*

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "One of the most troubling short films to hit screens in recent years - one of the most troubling of any length, honestly"
    Pretty Dennison Ramalho developing this for a feature, Mr Brown..?
    And thanks for the short.

  • I haven't actually talked to Dennison about his feature plans recently but last time I did the one that looked most likely to go was something with John Carpenter on as a producer.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    I get would interesting to see what Dennison could to do in an debut feature....thanks for the info Mr Brown.

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