THE TUNNEL's Bel Deliá Resurfaces For LOVE OF MY LIFE

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THE TUNNEL's Bel Deliá Resurfaces For LOVE OF MY LIFE
It seems a week doesn't go by at the moment without news that an Australian indie genre flick is about to start shooting. Seriously, there must be growth hormones in the water out here.

Now comes news that body-horror love story Love Of My Life, is preparing a whiplash quick shoot in December this year to turnaround the film for release in March 2013! Now that's fast. 

To kick things off and show they mean business, the production has cast Bel Deliá - last seen going into meltdown as the lead in viral horror The Tunnel. The film also stars Diarmid Heidenreich and Brendan Clearkin. 

Love Of My Life is written by Liam Barrett and will be co-directed by Barrett and Michael Budd. Here's the synopsis: 

Inside one of the many operating theatres of an old, rundown abandoned hospital, many young men have awoken strapped to a table, disorentated and scared. On the walls, monitors, showing them a live feed of their wife or girlfriend trapped downstairs in what looks to be the morgue. Then a man appears, decked out in Surgeon's scrubs, and explains the situation to him- "For seven days, I am going to do unspeakable, Godless things to you. You are going to scream, and beg, and plead for me to stop. Then at the end of the seventh day, I'm going to kill you. And when I've killed you, I'll let her go. Hoever, if at any point you can take no more, if at any point you want me to stop, all you have to do is say, "I quit." And I'll stop. And then I'll kill HER. So ask yourself now, do you really want to go to your grave knowing she was the last person you ever kiss, touched, held, made love to? Is she the love of your life?"

This act has played itself out many, many times. And sad as it is to say, no man has ever come close to making out the week.

Until now.
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fergus1948October 5, 2012 4:42 AM

Really? More Saw-inspired torture porn?