Sitges 2012: Sci Fi Thriller CRAWLSPACE Gets A Crazy-Ass Poster And Trailer

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Sitges 2012: Sci Fi Thriller CRAWLSPACE Gets A Crazy-Ass Poster And Trailer
With its world premiere in competition at Sitges just around the corner, claustrophobic Aussie sci fi action-thriller Crawlspace has unleashed its first pulsating trailer and an eye-popping poster. 

Clearly inspired by iconic poster artist Drew Struzan, Australian artist Hugh Fleming (who created his own iconic image with the "Star Wars Rocks" poster) has crammed in a swag of Crawlspace moments to create a crazy piece of key art that hints at science-fiction terror. I've included a large version of the poster below, so you can admire the detail in the image - just click on the pic to enlarge. 

The filmmakers have also released a trailer which gives us our first real look at the film. Here's the synopsis:  

Crawlspace is set beneath the sands of the Australian outback at the secretive 'Pine Gap' research facility. When all contact is lost with the compound a group of elite soldiers goes in looking for answers, and as their search takes them deeper inside the facility they discover that something terrible has escaped. Under attack and with their numbers dwindling, the soldiers must fight their way out as unimaginable terrors stalk them in the darkness. 

Written and directed by Justin Dix, Crawlspace stars Amber Clayton, Ditch Davey, Eddie Baroo, Peta Sergeant, Fletcher Humphrys and Nicholas Bell. John Finemore, Nick Sherry and Dix produced and Wolf Creek director Greg Mclean serves as Executive Producer. 

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KrisOctober 3, 2012 1:43 PM

Thanks for posting this info about the movie. I agree the poster is clearly inspired by Drew Struzan's work. I wanted to know more about Drew's process on how he created his movie poster art and discovered his DVD "Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Poster Art" and found this is be an incredible art lesson shot in his studio. It's a step-by-step over the shoulder look at how Drew created all his famous poster movie art. It's awesome and worth checking out.