Ridiculous, Hilarious Trailer For Indonesian Horror DENDAM DARI KUBURAN

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Ridiculous, Hilarious Trailer For Indonesian Horror DENDAM DARI KUBURAN
Is upcoming Indonesian horror film Dendam Dari Kurburan (Revenge From The Grave) also meant to be a comedy? I have no idea, frankly, but I certainly find the trailer amusing. Shot in a way that mimics the feel of late 80s / early 90s straight to video films - though I'm also not sure if this is intentional - you can gasp in horror as long haired ghosts do not very much at all! An old man forgets to close the door to the toilet! A muscle man dances poorly! Oh, yes! All this and so much more! Check out the trailer below!
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  • Foxie

    The director is well known for making ridiculously cheap quality horror movie with elements comedy and sex. Not recommended and seeing this kind of movie featured in Twitch made me kinda shame for being an Indonesian...

  • imupherecomengetme

    Released on the same day here in Indonesia, is what looks like to be a sex/drug/rock-n-roll type of movie, the trailer is rather good and it's got almost 247thou youtube views! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watc...

  • Good DP on that one, for sure, and it's got the girl from the L segment in The ABCs Of Death!

  • Claypool

    kuburan is bahasa indonesia for Grave, so it's Revenge from the Grave *just my 2 cents*

  • You mean Google lied to me!?!

  • wagnerfilm

    It looks like it wants to be an Asian "Scary Movie".

  • MarsHottentot

    Agreed - way too much mugging to be straight horror.

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