Who Made The Blood List For 2012?

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Who Made The Blood List For 2012?
A show of hands from those of you keeping score at home. Who knows what the Black List is? No worries if you do not. It's a list of top-voted screenplays that have not been produced. Now who knows what the Blood List is? Very good. The Blood List was created by Kailey Marsh, a literary manager / producer at Station 3 to fill the same role for genre specific screenplays. These are the top 13 genre-focused screenplays that have not yet been produced. To explain:

The top 13 most liked, unproduced, dark genre screenplays of the year. A calendar year for a script to be considered on the list is from October 31st 2011 to October 31st, 2012. Genres included on the list are: Horror, thriller, sci-fi, dark drama, and dark comedies. This year 117 feature executives voted. Each executive chose their top 3 favorite dark genre scripts of the year.There were 99 different scripts voted for, and this year a script had to receive 5 votes or more to make the list.

The list was released today and you can peruse it for yourself below.

25 Votes


Writer(s) Name: Tyler Marceca

Logline: A man begins an investigation into his wife's mysterious death, only to find that it goes much deeper than he imagined.

Genre: Thriller

Agent(s): Rich Cook & Phil d'Amecourt (WME)

Manager(s): Bard Dorros & Michael Sugar (Anonymous Content)

Status: Mark Wahlberg attached and Morten Tyldum attached to direct for Universal.

19 Votes

Script Name: STEPHANIE

Writer(s) Name: Ben Collins & Luke Piotrowski

Logline: A young girl has strange powers that doom her to a world of solitude. PAPERHOUSE meets CARRIE.

Genre: Horror, thriller, psychological, drama

Agent(s): Emerson Davis (UTA)

Manager(s): Nate Matteson (The Gotham Group)

Status: The Gotham Group, Bryan Bertino & Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken Pictures) producing. Jonathan Van Tulleken (Off Season) directing.

17 Votes


Writer(s) Name: Joe Ballarini and Gregg Bishop

Logline: A straight-laced teenage girl tries to save her socially outcast, rebellious brother during a high school lockdown due to a terrifying alien attack.

Agent(s): David Boxerbaum, Ida Ziniti, & Tanya Cohen (Paradigm) rep Ballarini

Manager(s): George Heller (Apostle) reps Ballarini &

Andy Cohen (Grade A Entertainment) Cindy Cowan (Cindy Cowan Entertainment) reps Bishop

Status: Set up at Sony with Benderspink and Platinum Dunes producing.

16 Votes


Writer Name: Eric Heisserer

Logline: When alien crafts land across the world, a linguist expert is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat. As she learns to communicate with the aliens, she begins experiencing vivid flashbacks that become the key to unlocking the greater mystery about the true purpose of their visit.

Genre: Sci-fi drama

Agent(s): Barbara Dreyfus & Jon Huddle (UTA)

Manager(s): Julie Bloom (Art/Work Entertainment)

Status: Set up at 21 Laps.

13 Votes

Script Name: FEBRUARY

Writer(s) Name: Osgood Perkins

Logline: An unidentified young woman makes a pilgrimage to the site of a demonic possession at an all-girls boarding school in the dead of winter.

Genre: Horror

Agent(s): N/A

Manager(s): Scott Halle (Gramercy Park Entertainment)

Status: Bryan Bertino and Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken Pictures) producing.

13 Votes


Writer(s) Name: Sean Armstrong

Logline: Based on true events, the story follows an Inspector during his forty year search for three

siblings taken from an Australian Beach in 1966.

Genre: Thriller

Agent(s): Bill Weinstein & Rob Herting (Verve)

Manager(s): Peter Dealbert & Susan Solomon (Principato/Young)

Status: In negotiations.

11 Votes

Script Name: INTERSTATE 5

Writer(s) Name: Seth M. Sherwood

Logline: The son of an infamous serial killer and the daughter of one of the victims go on the road in hopes of tracking the killer down only to find themselves haunted by demonic forces intent on driving them mad.


Genre: Psychological thriller

Agent(s): N/A

Manager(s): Kailey Marsh (Station 3)

Status: Available.

9 Votes

Script Name: SOMNIA

Writer(s) Name: Mike Flanagan & Jeff Howard

Logline: A couple who recently lost their son take in a young boy as a foster child. They soon discover that the boy's dreams manifest themselves in the real world when he sleeps.

Genre: Horror

Agent(s): Sheryl Petersen, Debbie Deuble & Chris

Ridenhour (APA)

Manager(s): Nicholas Bogner (Affirmative Entertainment)

Status: In negotiations.

8 Votes

Script Name: DARKFALL

Writer Name: TS Faull

Logline: A group of residents must survive the night in their apartment complex as they slowly learn that DARKFALL (the rising of demons to take over the Earth) is upon them.

Genre: Supernatural thriller

Agent(s): N/A

Manager(s): Michael Botti (Industry Entertainment)

Status: Available.

8 Votes

Script Name: VIRAL

Writer Name: Dustin T. Benson

Logline: Told from the 1st person point of view via the helmet camera of a bio-safety suit a female scientist searches for her missing daughter in a quarantined area of Manhattan. I AM LEGEND meets OUTBREAK.

Genre: Thriller w/ Action & Sci-fi elements.

Agent(s): Ramses IsHak & Mike Sheresky (UTA)

Manager(s): Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment)

Status: Adrian Askarieh (Prime Universe) & Brooklyn

Weaver (Energy Entertainment) attached to produce.

7 Votes


Writer(s) Name: James Breen

Logline: The mute servant of a modern-day vampire returns home to her estranged family twenty years after her disappearance. As she grows closer to her family, her loyalties to her master are finally tested.

Genre: Vampire Horror

Agent(s): N/A

Manager(s): Jarrod Murray & Allard Cantor (Epicenter)

Status: Available.

6 Votes

Script Name: SHUT IN

Writer(s) Name: T.J. Cimfel & David White

Logline: An agoraphobic woman must fend off a home invasion while she protects a dark secret.

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Agent(s): N/A

Manager(s): Marc Manus (Manus Entertainment)

Status: Available.

5 Votes

Script Name: PESTE

Writer Name: Babarba Marshall

Logline: A 16 year old girl begins to record her life for her high school media class just as a terrifying virus begins to spread.

Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Agent(s): Debbie Deuble & Lee Dinstman (APA)

Manager(s): Ava Jamshidi (Industry Entertainment)

Status: Set up at IM Global w/Sherryl Clark producing.

So who knows. Perhaps in the months to come we could be writing about these very screenplays being made. 
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Jim DrewNovember 1, 2012 7:21 AM


ChuckNovember 1, 2012 11:24 AM

THE DISCIPLE PROGRAM- I remember reading that screenplay awhile ago and it makes for some good reading, if they can translate that well to the big screen and keep the momentum going it could be a REALLY good thriller. Lots of neat twists and turns.