Noboru Iguchi's BAD BUTT Attacks as Part of Online Horror Anthology SILENT TERROR

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Noboru Iguchi's BAD BUTT Attacks as Part of Online Horror Anthology SILENT TERROR
YOMYOMF, the You Tube channel owned by Fast and Furious stalwart Justin Lin, is celebrating Halloween with a new horror anthology directed by some of the most interesting horror directors currently working in Asia. Lin will serve as an Executive Producer for the project alongside Anderson Le, Director of Programming for the Hawaii International Film Festival. One short will premiere each Thursday during the month, and the filmmakers include Oko Anwar (Modus Anomoli), Woo Ming Jin (The Tiger Factory), Eric Matti (Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles) and Noboru Iguchi, who, judging from the title of his short, apparently did not get enough of filming butts when he made Zombie Ass. The gimmick for this one, titled Silent Terror, is that (surprise!) the directors were not allowed to use any dialogue in their shorts.

Below is the schedule of films, followed by director bios and statements about their films from the press release. It's lengthy, but it's worth a look just to see Iguchi's totally earnest director's statement about his short, Bad Butt. Take it away, press release!

October 04 -- GRAVE TORTURE directed by Joko Anwar
October 11 -- DOUBLE directed by Woo Ming jin
October 18 -- BAD BUTTS directed by Noboru Iguchi
October 25 -- VESUVIUS directed by Erik Matti 

Joko Anwar is one of the most successful filmmakers working in Indonesia today. A former film critic, he delved into screenwriting, and wrote two of Indonesia's biggest comedies in the last decade, ARISAN in 2003 and JONI'S PROMISE in 2005. He soon occupied the director's chair and has become one of the most promising horror genre directors working today in Southeast Asia. Anwar's previous works include; KALA and FORBIDDEN DOOR which delved into the realms of horror and became cult hits around the world. FORBIDDEN DOOR has been screened in several film festival including in The BFI London Film Festival, New York Film Festival and Dead by Dawn Film Festival. His most recent film, the psychological thriller MODUS ANOMALI had its world premiere at SXSW this past March, and will next be seen at the prestigious Busan Film Festival. Anwar is also a major influencer amongst Indonesian youth and was recently ranked by Mashable as one of the top ten most influential people on Twitter around the world.

A quote from Anwar, about his film, titled GRAVE TORTURE: "My religion teacher once taught me in primary school that everybody would wake up not long after they're dead and buried to answer several questions from the angel of grave, such as 'who's your God'. And if someone can't answer it because they are sinned, they will receive punishment inside their grave. This is apparently a widespread belief in our country. I joined this project in a hope that I can show it to my religion teacher and make him proud."

Woo Ming Jin is an award winning director from Malaysia, with his films debuting in some of the most prominent film festivals in the world.  His first film MONDAY MORNING GLORY (2005) screened at the Berlin Forum and Locarno Film Festival, while his second, ELEPHANT AND THE SEA (2007), won awards in Torino, Cinema Digital Seoul, Portugal and Spain. THE TIGER FACTORY (2010), only the third film in Malaysian history to be selected to the Cannes Film Festival, premiered at the Director's Fortnight. He is currently in post production of the horror film KL ZOMBIE.

THE DOUBLE is the title of director Woo Ming jin's contribution to SILENT TERROR. He says, about his film, "It's been nothing but fun and a privilege to work on this project. I've always wanted to make a horror film completely in the day time, and in pure light as opposed to darkness."

Noboru Iguchi is one of the most prominent cult directors working in Japan today. In 2003, Iguchi premiered his first feature A LARVA OF LOVE, and gained international attention with the release of the Tokyo Shock production, THE MACHINE GIRL in 2008. His films tend to be mired in the macabre and fantastically absurd, and these tropes continue in his later works including ROBO-GEISHA (2010), MUTANT GIRL SQUAD (2010) and KARATE ROBO-ZABORGAR (2011). Iguchi's recent projects include two TV series, THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRL and the horror series, TOMIE. His latest directorial effort, DEAD SUSHI, is currently on the film festival circuit.

Iguchi-san's statement on his film, BAD BUTTS: "I grew up watching horror films from all around the world. Being brought up in such a strange way, I now find myself the Japanese representative of the genre, and I'm thrilled to be able to participate in this kind of international horror short film series. My entry is about a high school girl and a certain part of her body that has turned into a monster. It's a story I've long wanted to tell, and I hope audiences will enjoy it as a horrifying, yet erotic work of fiction."

Director Erik Matti's career spans more than a decade of directing TV Commercials and Movies. As one of the most sought after TV commercial directors in the country, he has garnered recognition in local and international advertising festivals such as Spikes Asia and the London Advertising Festival to name a few.

Erik Matti's true passion is in filmmaking. Aside from having box office hits in his home country, some of his films have reached foreign shores and were screened in numerous festivals around the world including New York, Hawaii, Canada, Nantes, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Paris, Asia and the Middle East.

The upcoming horror-action-adventure film TIKTIK: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES, marks his return to Mainstream Philippine Cinema - the first green screen movie in the country. Post Production for the film is ongoing, but it has already generated buzz in the local and international market months before its release in October 2012. Aside from TIKTIK: THE ASWANG CHRONICLES, Director Erik Matti is currently working on two other full-length feature films, an adult drama (RIGODON) and a crime thriller (ON THE JOB TRAINING).

Matti's statement on his film, titled VESUVIUS: "Short films are really about experimenting and pushing for what else is there to explore in terms of form, structure and film language.  It is about challenging the filmmaker on the fresh and innovative ways of not just telling a story on a particular genre but also on using the elements of film."

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