MAMA'S BOYS Will Woo The Girl With The Awesome Power Of Metal

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MAMA'S BOYS Will Woo The Girl With The Awesome Power Of Metal
The power of metal knows no borders. Hair rock knows no bounds. It is everywhere. And it is funny everywhere. And this is the basis of Ulf Malmros' upcoming comedy Mama's Boys (aka Metal Brothers). It has flowing locks and double kick drums. Oh, yes. And it looks very, very funny.

Bröderna Hårdrock is a film about two brothers who are planning a heavy metal convention in their sleepy village. Their mother, the village priest, worries about them and wants them to settle down and have families. A young female teacher and line dance instructor in the village sets both their hearts beating faster and, unaware of each other's feelings, they enter a battle to win her affections.
From the producers from Patrik Eklund's recent Fantastic Fest winner Flicker - meaning keep an eye on these guys as a source of top shelf quirky comedy moving forward - you can watch the trailer for Mama's Boys below.
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mightyjoeyoungOctober 13, 2012 6:08 PM

"Oh, yes. And it looks very, very funny."
Yeah, but Mr Malmros should have given you a english subbed trailer.
I definitly think the twich crew should warm up with Tjenare kungen/ God Save the King (2005) funny film about two girls starting a punkrockband in Sweden during 80´s.
Thanks Mr Brown.