Jai Courtney Joins Joel Edgerton's FELONY

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Jai Courtney Joins Joel Edgerton's FELONY
Felony is shaping into one of the most exciting police thrillers on the horizon. 

Written by Joel Edgerton and to be directed by Matt Saville (who has already proven himself with his debut film, Noise, another amazing police thriller - seriously, track it down), Felony is about decorated Australian cop (Edgerton) who runs a cyclist off the road after drinking with his buddies to celebrate a major gang bust. His split-second decision to lie about the incident changes everyone's lives forever. 

Tom Wilkinson has already been cast as the lead investigator who arrives first on the scene. 

According to Deadline, Courtney will play a fresh-faced police detective who suspects Edgerton's character is lying and gradually builds a criminal case against him. 

Courtney has had a busy few years. He's filmed a villain role in Jack Reacher, played Bruce Willis son Ashton in the next Die Hard movie, and has also an undisclosed main role in I, Frankenstein - the existentialist monster movie recently filmed in Australia. Courtney's last turn in an honest-to-goodness Australian movie was in Aboriginal stoner comedy Stone Bros., back in 2009. Talk about a triumphant return.   

Felony will start filming in early 2013. 
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