Is It Really A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD? Bruce's Smile Says Yes.

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Is It Really A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD? Bruce's Smile Says Yes.
Well, now. That's looking better than expected. Like much, much better than expected. Sure, there's hardly a spoken word but lots of guns are fired, lots of cars explode and Bruce's little grin is remarkably well timed. I'd smile, too, Bruce. I'd smile too.

Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Cole Hauser, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Anne Vyalitsyna and Julia Snigir also star in the tale that sends Willis' John McClane to Russia with his son. Where they shoot things.

Watch the trailer below.
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  • James Dennis

    This looks pretty good to me - Moore is a bit of a hack, but he can't possibly hash it up like Wiseman did. Behind Enemy Lines was a solid action pic - he does spatial awareness too, unlike Wiseman.

  • Qinlong

    You really need to re-watch action scenes from Die Hard 4. It's mainly fluid, often wide shots, with very little shaky cam (except in key, justifiable moments)

  • JD82

    I would if I could get rid of that over-riding sense of disappointment that snuffs out any desire to re-watch it.

  • Ozimov

    S**t: I was gonna make a trailer like this for my action movie. If I ever make one, that is.

  • BelmontHeir

    I don't really trust director John Moore but this teaser is solid. Visually, the film looks more in keeping with the John McTiernan films than the last movie, which I appreciate.

  • Qinlong

    Same here : the name John Moore evokes mediocrity to me. And same here to for the last movie : the permanent hate-fest against it is not justified.

  • BelmontHeir

    Yeah, I can agree with you that Live Free or Die Hard is perhaps unfairly maligned. I think it's a well-shot action movie, it just doesn't feel (or look) like a Die Hard movie.

    And what I meant by my original comment is that it looks like John Moore is aesthetically trying to link his film with McTiernan's two movies. Some of the shots and lighting seem to deliberately echo McTiernan, i.e. that early shot of a bad guy looking out of a highrise window may as well be Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard.

  • You've misunderstood the comment re: the last movie.

  • Qinlong

    I seem to have, yes, but in th end there was an agreement on that point anyway ;-)

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