IFC Midnight Enters The CRAWLSPACE

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IFC Midnight Enters The CRAWLSPACE
Justin Dix's claustrophobic special forces thriller Crawlspace, which is currently playing in competition at prestigious genre film festival Sitges in Spain, has now found a home in North America, with IFC Midnight picking up the film for a 2013 release across all its platforms. 

Written by Dix, Eddie Baroo and Adam Patrick Foster, Crawlspace is about a group of elite soldiers sent to infiltrate one of Australia's top secret underground military compounds and extract the lead science team, after the base comes under attack from unknown forces. They quickly discover all is not as it seems and the facility is a testing ground for something far more sinister. Here's the rest of the synopsis: 

Set beneath the real-world Australian military base at Pine Gap, Crawlspace follows a small team of elite soldiers who are sent into the bowels of the complex to rescue a top scientist from an experiment that has apparently gone awry. In the bowels of the base they encounter the mysterious survivor Eve. It quickly becomes clear that the facility is a testing ground for something far more sinister. The team must now, with Eve in tow, battle their way through escaped inmates and fight off the devastating psychic attacks rooted in their own darkest, primordial fears. 

Crawlspace stars Ditch Davey, Amber Clayton, Peta Sargeant, Nicholas Bell, John Brumpton and Leslie Simpson, and the film was produced by Dix alongside John Finemore and Nicholas Sherry. 

In a similar arrangement to his involvement with Patrick Hughes' modern western Red Hill, Wolf Creek's Greg McLean executive produced, alongside James Hoppe, Silvio Salom, Stephen Wools and Craig McMahon. 

Crawlspace will have its North American premiere October 18 at ScreamFest.

Disclaimer: XYZ Films, which has an ownership stake in ScreenAnarchy, did the deal. 
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