Hong Kong Has Lost One of Its Best Screenwriters - Szeto Kam Yuen

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Hong Kong Has Lost One of Its Best Screenwriters - Szeto Kam Yuen
Szeto Kam Yuen, one of Hong Kong's top screenwriters, has passed away. While his name may not be immediately recognizable to some of you, chances are that if you are a fan of HK cinema, you have seen and enjoyed many of his films. 

He started his screenwriting career at a Hong Kong television station, and after writing the scripts for a number of very popular TV series, he entered the film industry. He collaborated regularly with Johnnie To and provided the screenplays for many Milkyway Image productions, including Too Many Ways To Be No. 1, The Longest Nite, Expect The Unexpected, A Hero Never Dies, Exiled, Accident and Motorway. Besides Accident and Motorway, he worked with director Cheang Po Soi on Dog Bite Dog and Shamo. He was also the screenwriter for two of Donnie Yen's most popular films, Sha Po Lang and Flash Point

Mr. Szeto passed away on October 13. He was 48. 
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ToryOctober 13, 2012 11:40 PM

Damn. Sucks to hear that. He's written some of my favorite movies and I had no idea.

Hugo OzmanOctober 14, 2012 3:22 AM

It sure is a great loss to the Hong Kong film industry. (On a completely different topic, Tory, I remember you love Sinners and Saints. Have you checked out my recent interview with Johnny Strong that I tried to let you know about?)