Gotye Keeps Exploring Animation In Latest Video Trilogy

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Gotye Keeps Exploring Animation In Latest Video Trilogy
We're long-time fans of Gotye here at ScreenAnarchy. Well before he exploded onto the global music scene earlier this year, we've been enthusiastically following and writing about the vast range of animation styles he traverses in his music videos. 

With his latest trilogy of videos, all made to be projected during his live shows and now released online for everyone else to see, it's now clear that the musician is probably the biggest supporter of indie and cutting-edge animation styles in Australia. 

Check them out below. In order, they are for the songs Dig Your Own Hole, Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver, and Giving Me A Chance. I fully expect we'll see these turn up at film festivals in the future too. They'd be mind-blowing on a cinema screen. 

My current favourite is the freaky animals gettin' freaky in Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver, directed, designed and animated by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp at Rubber House. 
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P.w. SheltonOctober 20, 2012 1:17 AM

These videos are great. I love the one that Rubber House had previously done for the Gotye track "Don't Worry, We'll be watching you." There's a stop motion one out there somewhere as well. Thanks for posting.