GAMERCAMP brings Miike's ACE ATTORNEY to Toronto this week!

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GAMERCAMP brings Miike's ACE ATTORNEY to Toronto this week!
The fourth edition of Gamercamp, an annual celebration of video game culture in Toronto, will be featuring not one, but two special screenings of ACE ATTORNEY, Takashi Miike's big-screen adaptation of the popular CAPCOM video game that ScreenAnarchy's very own Ard Vijin raved about when he caught the film at IFFR describing it as: "fast-paced, story-driven, surprisingly exciting and above all: immensely entertaining." 

Having seen the film myself, allow me to echo Ard's praise and add that Miike has pulled off the rare video-game adaptation that manages to both succeed as a faithful and entertaining emulation of its source material for fans, and an accessible and engaging introduction to the wacky world of the game for the uninitiated.

Torontonians can catch the Miike-inflected misadventures of rookie-legal eagle Phoenix Wright and his amazing hair TONIGHT October 31st at 7 PM, co-presented by CINSSU at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Avenue), OR at a post-Gamercamp screening on Sunday November 4th at 6 PM, co-presented by Toronto After Dark, at the Isabel Bader Theatre (93 Charles St. W.). Tickets are on sale and available here!

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