Full Trailer For Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Spans Continents

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Full Trailer For Jackie Chan's CHINESE ZODIAC Spans Continents
After releasing a pair of teasers the first full trailer for Jackie Chan's upcoming action extravaganza Chinese Zodiac has arrived. And extravagant is definitely the word for it. This is classic, old school Chan with the action spanning continents while it neatly balances physical stunts and slapstick comedy. And after years of pushing into new areas and trying to figure out how to keep working without killing himself as his body inevitably slows down it's great to see Chan back doing what he does better than anyone else in the world.

Take a look at the new trailer below.
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  • Ali

    if anybody can tell when does it release in Australia, please? please sand me to a_a_123456@yahoo.com

  • ikilledbambi

    Armour of God 3?

  • Yep. More or less.

  • BelmontHeir

    I just hope this isn't Jackie Chan's "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

  • Raza Ullah (Deaf)

    I have looking at Jackie Chan is martial arts world in the "Armour of god 3: Chinese Zodiac" release date open on December 21, 2012 Hong Kong and United States.

  • Arthur Vandelay

    Hearing that this is a sequel to Armour of God, this looks exactly like an Armour of God movie. And in some cases, for better or worse.

  • Neil

    Wow. This really feels like a blast from the past. Sure, the images in the trailer look sleeker, but a lot of the comedy and characters feel like they are from another era. Of course, this means that the more cloying aspects of an '80s Jackie Chan film seem to be there too(the women here seem to be playing rather thankless roles), but the familiarity of all these elements - of both the good and the bad - makes me feel strangely fuzzy inside.

  • Sebo McPowers

    Looks awesome! :)

  • Qinlong

    Is it me or is Jackie not in this trailer that much ?
    I really hope this doesn't disappoint. I would love for stuntman/entertainer Jackie Chan to go out on a high note.

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