David Chase's NOT FADE AWAY Trailer Rocks the '60s

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David Chase's NOT FADE AWAY Trailer Rocks the '60s

Taking its cue from the Rolling Stones, David Chase's Not Fade Away follows a trio of friends from New Jersey who embark on a musical career after watching Mick Jagger and company on television.

The milieu is familiar for Chase, who grew up in New Jersey and eventually created The Sopranos. Some of that show's best episodes were ones that revisited the 1960s, and the new trailer for Not Fade Away captures the spirit of rebellion simmering in young men growing up under oppressive fathers during that era. James Gandolfini is the most familiar face, playing the dour-faced father of one of the young men.

The film's official world premiere will be on Saturday, October 6, as the centerpiece of the New York Film Festival. It opens in theaters on December 21. Check out the rocking trailer below.

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