By Jove, Ewan McGregor Will Be Julius Avery's SON OF A GUN

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By Jove, Ewan McGregor Will Be Julius Avery's SON OF A GUN
Australia this summer is looking like a good place to be. Joel Edgerton will be in front of the camera filming Felony, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson will be shooting The Rover, and now comes news that Ewan McGregor will be riding his winged-motorbike over here to shoot Son Of A Gun, the long-awaited first feature from Julius Avery. I can hear the fangirls booking tickets now. 

Billed as a crime thriller, all that is known about Son Of A Gun is that the story follows Australia's public enemy number one (McGregor) and his young padawan. So either the country's biggest crim is an ex-pat, or McGregor is going to pull a Meryl Streep and try the Strine on for size. 

Avery will direct the film from his own screenplay, and legendary producer Tim White is also on board. Son Of A Gun will shoot in Perth and Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, from early 2013. 
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