Watch A Clip From Darkly Hysterical Short SUGAR

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Watch A Clip From Darkly Hysterical Short SUGAR
One of the great pleasures of the film festival experience is the joy of the sudden surprise, when something that you weren't expecting pops up, smacks you in the face and shouts "Here I am!" Those moments don't come incredibly often when attending a festival that you have programmed a significant part of but they're still out there and the biggest for me at Fantastic Fest this year came with the short film Sugar.

Playing in front of award winning Dutch crime comedy Plan C, Sugar provides a one-two punch of dark Dutch wit.

Klaasje, Bert's scantily-dressed downstairs neighbor, stops by to borrow a cup of sugar. What looks like a regular situation with - possibly - a sexual outcome unexpectedly turns into Bert's worst nightmare.
Smartly directed by Jeroen Annokkee this one is just a little gem of a picture and producers Lev Pictures have released a key moment from the early going to tease audiences. Take a look below.

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  • pootietang

    the video isn't working for me for some reason but here a link to the (full?) short on YouTube:

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